"I Want Change My Life for the Better" Challenge: 60 Days to a Brand New Me

We all want change in our lives in any of its many facets, but fail to attain on any of what we want because of the fear that it might take a lot of time and effort to get. In the process of this kind of thinking, we leave ourselves only holding on to the idea of what we want as a change but fail to act on it, ultimately leaving ourselves dejected, always hoping but not getting, and having the feeling that we are stuck in a rut with ourselves. This should not be the case.

Little did we know, however, is that the changes that we wanted in life is more attainable than we think they are and do not need to take too long to get if only we have the will to act—but we still would have to work for it.

There is no better time to work on the change we want for our lives than to do it now, not later.

In this challenge, you will experience a transformation of yourself—for the better—in the aspects of personal development, peers or friends, career, and finances that you did not think possible in just 60 days.


Days 1 to 15: Developing One’s Personality

law of attraction, meditation, manifestationMany people may be under the impression that it takes an outside force for anyone to change—on the opposite, change should start inwardly from ourselves. Like a blossoming flower which does not require human manipulation to bloom, a person’s development personality-wise should occur out of sheer will and should start with oneself.

If you think this kind of change is futile and something that others will not notice, it is really of the contrary. How you have developed will exude in your day-to-day living, you might even surprise yourself with the result and even those who are around you—like a butterfly who went through the process of metamorphosis as formerly trapped from its cocoon. You are who you choose to be—for the better, ideally.

However, the process of changing oneself inwardly should come at a realization and understanding of who you are and what you want to change in yourself, not something you randomly choose at whim. There has to be a purpose of why you are changing or improving on yourself. For instance, ask yourself the question like: Would you like to change a part of yourself you did not necessarily like? Or, do you want to improve on your already existing good characteristics? Either way, any of those choice is good.

Two weeks and a day of deep mindfulness of oneself and how you want to adjust your personality from there is possible.

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Days 16 to 30: Meeting New People and Reconnecting with Old Friends

friends, love, relationshipsAlong the way, changes occur in our lives, some of which we may not have control of—even in our social circle. Like the people whom we met and shaped our lives in one way or another, people come and go.

You may think that your life is stuck with the same old people whom you knew all your lives as a result of your circumstance and may even parted with some, but like your life, you have control of yourself and whom you want to associate yourself with while still not letting go of those who are important to you.

The challenge is for you to meet new and exciting people who you think will change your life for the better—yes, the quality of people you associate yourself with can affect the quality of your life and how you develop as a person—and even reconnect on those whom you are temporarily parted with.

You have more than enough days to do it in 15.


Days 31 to 45: Setting for the Right Career

career, work, affluence lifeNo happy person goes through life without the kind of career he or she has always wanted and give him or her a means of living—I am sure you are as well. If you think that you are not happy with your work and may need a change of environment, then you are probably correct. That gut feeling you have with you is your deep calling for a change.

Never mind how big the salary you would be getting on your chosen career as you switch your job at first. Choose that career that truly makes you happy and that which gives you a sense of contentment to do about. Finding yourself something worthwhile to do—like a job—must not always be set on the criterion of wage, there also has to be a joy in it, too.

Better be a happy person with a salary that only gets you by than earn more than what you need but be miserable—always hoping you are someplace better—in the process. Better yet, follow on that inward calling you are having while not compromising on that same good reward you may already be having.



Days 46 to 60: Better Management of Finances

money, cash, wealth, affluence lifeUnless you are already affluent with money not to worry about, then setting your finances straight is an imperative you must do for the safety and comforts of your future. In fact, you need not be one to struggle with finances to do this as even seemingly rich individuals have to be mindful on how they use their money lest they waste it recklessly.

Your goal: pay off your debts if you have one, allocate some of your money for savings in case of emergencies, and most importantly, learn how to invest and grow your money over time.

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This 60-day challenge of improving yourself may be a bit of a rush and very much time-constrained, but the point of this challenge—if you have not noticed—is to introduce you to the concept of attaining the change you want for yourself in as little time possible. However, you may think that the real challenge may already end after 60 days once you start, but as life never seems to stop challenging, your course may only have just begun from there.

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