Learn How Vision Boards Turn Dreams into Reality

Every one of us has a power within us to create and turn them to reality.  As young as child, we already device for ourselves the skill to do so and make them come true, albeit subjective to ourselves.  Imagine yourself as a child who see moving figures in many things that an adult would not like inanimate objects and even develop a story about them that you yourself only knows—that is a power of vision that children like yourself once was had possessed and something that is popularly believed to be something that we lose over time as a result of maturity.

But when we think that our power of envisioning is something that is dependent for having a child-like mindedness with which we outgrew over time, you will come to a surprise that your child-like creativity and the power to turn it into reality you thought you only once had would still remain with you all along, only not as utilized.

Having a vision, however, should not be equated as simply just having to fantasize or create fiction out of everything you see or know.  An adult who really knows how to envision something, turns ideas into reality, not something make-believe—that is, unless, of course you’re a fiction writer.

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But still, when you look at it, having to turn ideas into a work of fiction is still an act of a reality-producing vision.  I am sure fiction writers like J.K. Rowling or J.R.R. Tolkien did not make their highly popular books without a kind of envisioning involved in the process of making them.  No fictitious books of whatever kind are just written by themselves, they require thinking and creativity by their respective authors.

A vision—or let’s say, an imagination—only becomes an idea when you do not work for it and thus not make it come true.


Vision Boards for a Clearer Reality Roadmap

But if you are seeing yourself as lacking the capability to visualize something using only your mind with your imagination, there is a tool that is used that may reinforce your vision—the co-called ‘Vision Boards.’

hands-people-woman-workingAt the outset, vision boards are like any picture frame but with a collage in it. An assortment of images and words can be seen placed in it though not randomly placed. Unlike a collage, a vision board is not meant to showcase one’s creative skill, it is a roadmap to building the reality you wanted for yourself—like having to picture yourself in a future sense, only that it is already framed.

So, you wanted to start your own business and build it as an empire while you’re the CEO of it?  Paint yourself in the frame the way you want to see yourself after having attained that dream like having to wear very expensive suit and tuxedo while standing in a corporation you built.  Put some labels on it to make it more convincing, especially for yourself.

You dream of having an expensive car but is still many years away of achieving it?  Draw yourself driving in one and put it in a frame.  Embellish on it as you want just to convince yourself that it can be a reality someday.  Because with the power of a vision to turn into reality, you never know, you might.

It’s a smart thought to make another vision board every year. As you keep on growing, and develop, your goals and dreams will as well.  Your Vision Boards are intended to be kept and treasured.  They account your dreams, as well as your development and accomplishments.

Here’s a list of things to do on utilizing your finished vision board:

  • Every morning or before you go to sleep look at your vision board and feel the motivation it gives.
  • See yourself living in that way.
  • Feel yourself later on you have outlined.
  • Trust it is as of now yours.
  • Be thankful for the great or simple things that is as of now present in your life.
  • Recognize any objectives you have accomplished now.
  • Recognize God in your life.
  • Recognize the Law of Attraction at work in your life.

In the end, it is all in your mind.  And when there is an idea in it, you can turn that into reality.  You just have to convince yourself first that it can be done.  Vision boards help facilitate that.


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